About Us

BlueSky Meeting Solution is a product of LightSky, a website design company in Madison, Wisconsin.

Why Develop Meeting Minutes Software?

LightSky has a long history of working with K12 school districts, non-profit organizations, and businesses. We created custom web-based applications for many clients that needed a way to easily create agendas and take minutes. We had the same need in our internal meetings, too.

We scoured the internet for the right software, but what we found didn’t fit quite right. We knew we could build something better. We decided to build meeting minutes software that has features that groups will actually use. We decided to build meeting minutes software that is actually easy to use.

A Little Help from Our Friends

Although we wrote the code behind BlueSky, we had guidance along the way to ensure that our meeting minutes software does what people need it to do. K12 school district administrators, businesspeople, and non-profit board members continue to help us evolve BlueSky. We also appreciate input from our users, too, and encourage them to give feedback in Aha where they can suggest features and vote on other users’ ideas.

Is BlueSky Right for Your Organization?

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