Pricing and Features

Bluesky makes it easy to create, coordinate and conduct your meetings.

Pay for Only What You Need

Whether you need one meeting group or a hundred, BlueSky’s pricing makes it easy to fit into any budget. All of our pricing is per meeting group, and you can adjust the amount of meeting groups on your plan at any time. We do offer annual plans as well with a discount of 10%.

Simple Meeting Groups
  • Perfect for teams, staff meetings and small committees
  • Unlimited Meetings
  • Unlimited Users
  • Easily create and reorder agenda items and minutes
  • Unlimited file attachments
  • Record meeting attendance
  • Create PDFs of Agendas and Minutes
  • Meeting Templates
  • Agenda Search and Archiving
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Advanced Meeting Groups
  • Perfect for board meetings or meeting groups that require voting
  • Simple Meeting features plus:
  • Record Member Votes on Agenda Items
  • Attach Resolutions to Items
  • Action Items
  • Agenda and Minutes Approval
  • Public or Private Meeting Visibility
  • Create Embeddable Widgets for Your Website
  • Mark Attachments and Public or Private
  • Document Uploads
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  • Unlimited Meeting Groups
  • Custom Support/SLA Agreements
  • Custom Onboarding
  • On-Site Training available
  • Custom Built plans to meet your organizations unique needs
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BlueSky is perfect for


BlueSky enables government entities to increase efficiencies and standardization when it comes to meeting agendas and minutes. Organizers can create agendas, propose items, and take and publish minutes (including attendance, actions, and votes). Learn More


We collaborated with schools as we developed BlueSky to ensure that it does what they need as simply as possible. What you’ll find is simplicity of workflow and interface to run an efficient, effective meeting. Learn More


On any given day businesses hold a handful — sometimes several handfuls — of meetings. BlueSky enables organizers to create agendas, and take and publish minutes (including attendance, actions, and votes). Learn More


Non-profit organizations look for ways to use their time and funds wisely. One way to do that is to run meetings more efficiently, and BlueSky can help with board meetings and staff meetings. Learn More