The full changelog of the features and changes we have made to BlueSky can be found below:

  • Added a support drop down to the top navigation bar when logged in. You can now easily access our knowledge base, submit a ticket or chat with a Bluesky support specialist (during normal business hours 9AM – 5PM Eastern).
  • Added a notification system within the app. We plan on adding additional notifications and features to this as time goes on. For now you will be notification when a meeting is updated or created, when you have a pending task (such as a review of the agenda) or when a background task (such as a creation of a template) is completed.
  • Added an enterprise payment option. If you are on an enterprise payment plan you are now able to pay any invoices via credit card by visiting the billing section of your account. You can also grab a copy of the BlueSky W9 from the billing page as well.
  • Added the ability to link a youtube video to a particular meeting. This is great for those cases where your organization records the meeting and you’d like to ensure those are associated within BlueSky.

Thanks everyone for your continued support. Have a wonderful weekend!

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