BlueSky Beta Frequently Asked Questions

Will data I put in on the production site impact the beta?

No, the data in the beta was last synced up as of <Date>. We may periodically sync up the beta database with production. If that happens, we will put out a site alert informing you of that we synced up the sites and the date and time in which the sync occurred.

Will data I put in on the beta site move over to production after launch?

No, the data in the beta version of BlueSky is 100% separate from the production data and will not be copied over after the beta. There are too many fundamental changes between the two to make bi-directional syncing possible.

Once the new Bluesky is launched all of your meeting information in your production site will be transferred to the new Bluesky. We do not expect there to be any loss of data during the transition.

How is email handled in the Beta?

Email in the beta works just like email on the production site. All emails will be sent out to their proper recipients however they will have [Beta] before the subject of the email. If you are not wanting your meeting participants to receive emails, that is fine, just change their emails on the beta account. If you’d like to test in a brand new clean instance just let us know, we’ll help you create a brand new BlueSky account to test on.

What should I do if I encounter a bug?

If you encounter a bug during the test of your account in the beta, use the following form to report it.

I have some thoughts on how to make BlueSky better. How can I let the BlueSky Team know?

Feedback or suggestions on how to make BlueSky better should be submitted using the following form.

If you have an idea for a new feature that you would like to see implemented, submit it at

What are some of the things that I should be looking for as I test the BlueSky Beta?

There are a couple of things to look for as you begin to test the BlueSky beta.

  • Make sure that your legacy meeting data is intact and that there weren’t any issues in the data migration between the live site and beta. Ensure attachments and the downloading of attachments works correctly, and there aren’t any major display issues or bugs.
  • Create a few test meetings and put them through the same workflow as you would any other meeting. Ensure that everything is working as you would expect. Note that all emails that are sent from the beta site will have [BETA] appended to the subject. This helps you differentiate between emails sent from the beta site and emails sent from production.
  • Test some of the new features that are a part of the beta (a list can be found here ) and let us know if you have changes that you think would make them easier to use.

When is the beta going live?

The launch of the beta of BlueSky tentatively scheduled for March 1st, 2018, but the exact date will depend upon what bugs and feedback we receive during the beta. As soon as we have a more firm date, we will be sure to notify all of our users with ample time to prepare.