How To Use All Hands Meetings to Improve Organizational Success

Keeping your whole team unified and on task is one of the most difficult things that any leader has to do. All hands meetings provide an outlet for leadership to communicate vision as well as motivate and unify their team. … Continue Reading


An In-Depth Guide to Consent Agendas

The consent agenda, or consent calendar, is a process used in board or legislative type meetings to progress items that are of a non-controversial matter through a meeting quickly and easily.  Correctly utilized, consent agendas can help boards with large … Continue Reading

7 Unique Ways to Use Twitter in Your Classroom

Let’s face it, almost all students are using Twitter at some level, or at least are familiar with it. This is a platform that is often underused by educators but is well adopted by students. If you are unsure as … Continue Reading

How to Have Meetings Without Paper

Paperless is all the rage lately in business and government.  Whether you approach paperless from a cost point of view, a saving the planet point of view, or an ease of use point of view, paperless board meetings can make … Continue Reading

5 Surefire Volunteer Board Meeting Scheduling Tips

Scheduling a volunteer board is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks in running your organization. The board has to meet, but no one is available, and getting everyone in the same room sometimes feels like getting a cat into … Continue Reading

Email Voting and how it can Impact your Non-Profit Board

We have all fallen into the seduction of a simple email to present a motion and potentially vote on it. Its a problem that only recently became practical, but it is a problem that more and more non-profit boards are … Continue Reading

Meetings Meetings Meetings!

Meetings are often viewed as the necessary evil for staff communications. While I agree that meetings can usurp precious time if not handled effectively, I posit that a weekly staff meeting is crucial to strong team connectivity from two perspectives … Continue Reading

Testing the Next Level

One of the constants of programming is that there will be bugs.  As a project like BlueSky gets more complex, the likelihood of introducing errors in the code increases dramatically. Since we can’t completely avoid introducing bugs in our code, … Continue Reading