The full changelog of the features and changes we have made to BlueSky can be found below:

  • Redirected the old URLs for the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy to their new location
  • Fixed a bug preventing template creation when the user trying to create a template was a non-superuser and the template they created was assigned to a specific meeting group
  • Changed the forgot password link on the login page to make it less likely to be clicked accidentally
  • Changed the wording on the “Print Agenda” button in the sidebar to “Print”
  • Added a redirect for the old meeting group URL too point to the new meeting group URL
  • Fixed an error with the item attachments where if you deleted an item attachment after uploading, but before saving a new item, it would throw an error
  • If logged out and you have access to no meeting groups the search functionality will redirect you with a message to log in rather than displaying no results.
  • If you uncheck the “Print Minutes” in the “Print” Dialog, the attendance box now un-checks itself as intended.
  • When printing an agenda or minutes the time of PDF creation now correctly reflects the sites timezone
  • Added a warning message when deleting a participant
  • The delete button has been disabled next a user in the user management list if that user is a “Site Administrator” or “Superuser”
  • Redirected the legacy minute URL to the new PDF generator path.
  • Redirected the old view attachment URLs to their new location
  • If trying to view an attachment that no longer exists you are redirected to the homepage with an error message
  • Permanently disabled standing items. All customers should switch to using the template system if you have not already.
  • Special characters (&, <, >, etc) should now appear correct when included in the body of an email.

It was quite the busy week last week, but we are thankful for everyone’s patience as we worked through these issues. Some of you have taken the time to submit ideas to our ideas portal. I’d encourage all of our customers to go there and vote on the ideas that you want to see. Video attachments to items? The ability to embed agendas on your website? These are just some of the ideas listed there. We use these to determine which features to prioritize so if you have something you want to see, submit it!

Thanks again everyone. Have a wonderful week!


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