7 Unique Ways to Use Twitter in Your Classroom

Let’s face it, almost all students are using Twitter at some level, or at least are familiar with it. This is a platform that is often underused by educators but is well adopted by students. If you are unsure as … Continue Reading

Using Meeting Templates to Simplify Your Meetings

With a lot of boards and committees, the meeting format of the agenda is similar meeting to meeting. When we were going through the redesign process for BlueSky, we wanted to ensure that we had a system in place that … Continue Reading

March 26th 2018 Changelog: Small Fixes

The full changelog of the features and changes we have made to BlueSky can be found below: Modified how the meeting agenda and minutes PDF displays the title. If you supply a title for a meeting it will output the … Continue Reading

March 12th 2018 Changelog: One Week Later

The full changelog of the features and changes we have made to BlueSky can be found below: Redirected the old URLs for the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy to their new location Fixed a bug preventing template creation when the … Continue Reading

March 5th 2018 Changelog: Goodbye Beta, Hello Production!

The full changelog of the features and changes we have made to BlueSky can be found below: Design and Usability Changes Implemented a fully responsive design. BlueSky should now be usable on your Desktop, tablet or mobile device. Site administrators … Continue Reading

BlueSky Beta: A Week Later

It has been a week since we launched the open beta of BlueSky and we are excited to share a few updates with you! New Features The feedback we have received thus far has been both positive and useful. Because … Continue Reading

BlueSky Announces Open Beta

It has been a little over a year since we reacquired BlueSky. As most of you know, we have spent the last year reworking the application from the ground up adding much-needed infrastructure improvements and adding features that have our … Continue Reading

A Look at the New BlueSky Design

It’s been a while since you last heard from us and so I thought I would take a moment to update you on what is going on behind the scenes at BlueSky. The Rails Upgrade As we discussed in a … Continue Reading

How to Have Meetings Without Paper

Paperless is all the rage lately in business and government.  Whether you approach paperless from a cost point of view, a saving the planet point of view, or an ease of use point of view, paperless board meetings can make … Continue Reading

5 Surefire Volunteer Board Meeting Scheduling Tips

Scheduling a volunteer board is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks in running your organization. The board has to meet, but no one is available, and getting everyone in the same room sometimes feels like getting a cat into … Continue Reading